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Las Vegas National Championship Tournament October 21-26, 2024

Tournament Information and Registration

LOCATION:  Las Vegas, Nevada
Games: Monday, October 21 - Saturday, October 26, 2024
Check-in Registration: Sunday, October 20, 2024
Recommended Accommodations Check-out: Saturday, October 26, 2024
48 Wood
53 Wood
58 Wood
63 Wood
68 Wood
"Pool" Play games with a Semi-Final Playoff and/or Championship game.
Each team is guaranteed five (5) games in the tournament.
Semifinal games will be played on Friday, October 25, 2024
Saturday, October 26, 2024
Champion: Team trophy
Individual Champion Awards: 
NABA Championship Rings for the highest division winner in each age group
NABA Commemorative Individual Awards for all other division winners in each age group
Finalist: Team trophy
Individual Finalist Awards: NABA Commemorative Individual Awards
Most Outstanding Player:  Championship Game
Most Outstanding Player Award: Pool Play Games
Gold Glove Award:  Championship Game
Most Valuable Player Award: Team award
Individual Player Gift: Tournament gift for each player
Manager awards: Plaque for managing the team
Team Fee:  $3,950.00 (If manager registers from May through June of 2024)
Team Fee:  $4,270.00 (If manager registers team from July through August 2024)
Team Fee:  $4,590.00 (If manager registers team from September through October, 2024)
All teams entering the Las Vegas National Championship must use the team entry fee!
1. Each team must have their own uniforms and caps for tournament play.
2. Team entry fee is for up to 18 players per team.
3. If a team needs NABA to place an individual player to their team roster, the individual players fee will not be part of the team fee.
4. If NABA needs to place an individual player on a team roster, and the team agrees to take a player NABA needs to place;  the individual players fee will be added to the team fee.
5. Managers of the team are allowed to take a $150.00 discount from the team fee for organizing and managing the team.
6. Managers can divide the entry fee amongst the number of team members attending and have them pay individually online, by mail or over the phone.
7. Payment for players playing on team organizations with two teams: 1) Player playing on both teams must designate one team as a primary team and pay their full fee; and 2) They must then be designated as a secondary player on the second team and must pay a $50 secondary player fee, which must be paid upon payment of tournament fees.
Player Fee: $345.00 (If payment is received May through June of 2024)
Player Fee: $395.00 (If payment is received July through August of 2024)
Player Fee: $445.00 (If payment is received in September through October, 2024)
The individual fee is for players who do not have a team and need to be placed on an existing team or Team USA; and for those teams who choose for each player on their team to pay individually.
1. The individual player price does not include a uniform top or cap.
2. Each individual player after being assigned to a team will be responsible to get their own uniform and cap. The NABA can assist the player in getting in contact with the manager of the team they are placed on in order to help them get information to order a uniform and cap.  When an individual player is placed on an existing team, they will be responsible to acquire both a uniform top and cap for that team; unless the team has additional uniforms and caps for the player. Teams may also use a mixed uniform concept like an All Star team, provided each player has a uniform with a number on the back. 
Entry fee includes: 
Tournament entry, tournament gift for each player; commemorative souvenir tournament t-shirt; Most Valuable Player award for each pool game; team champion and finalist awards; pool champion award; team MVP for the week awards; managers awards; Most Outstanding Player and Gold Glove awards in the championship game; NABA Liability Insurance and a SECONDARY Medical policy for the team; baseballs; fields; umpires, and a guaranteed 5 games.
All players should submit their registration form and entry fee by the end of June to reserve a place in the tournament and to take advantage of the lower fee. All fees mailed in must be in money order or cashier's check form. The NABA also accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, ZELLE, PAY PAL AND VENMO for your convenience. All payment and registrations may be made online at; or sent by mail to: NABA National Over 50/60/65 Tournament, 7112 W Jefferson Ave., Suite 306, Lakewood, Colorado 80235.  You may also contact at 800-621-6479.
For further information pertaining to the Las Vegas National Championship Tournament visit our website at Information pertaining to tournament rules, tiebreaker rules, eligibility rules, schedule requests, refund policies, hotel – car rental information, roster forms, and schedules are posted there.
Manager's discount:
All managers are entitled to a discount up to $150, if his team is complete with a minimum of 12 total players (including himself), and he doesn't require additional help from the NABA to complete his team. 
If you would like to play in more than one game per day by being listed as an EMERGENCY SUBSTITUTE PLAYER then on the registration give us your name, primary team assignment, Las Vegas contact phone number or cell phone number, age, height, weight, and playing position preferences will be given out to all managers, and you may be contacted (not guaranteed). You may also promote yourself as an emergency player on your own.
If you are interested in playing more than one game a day (NOT GUARANTEED) then you may register to play on a secondary team as long as you are age eligible to play in that division. If you are interested in playing more than one game a day (Guaranteed), then you may register to play on the TEAM USA organization as long as you are age eligible to play in that division. Team USA will play all of their games at 3 PM each day and the only way you will not be able to play with Team USA, is if your primary team is scheduled to play Team USA. To play a second game and be a secondary player the cost is $50 for 5 games. When registering, please add $50.00 in the secondary player box and add it to your total.
The tournament will assign TEAM USA organizations with players who are primary players from existing teams who are interested in playing more than one game a day. These players are called secondary players. These secondary players for TEAM USA will be responsible for showing up at the game for the TEAM USA they have been assigned to play for. The only exception may be if your primary team is scheduled to play against a TEAM USA. The NABA will do all it can to eliminate the possibility of matching a secondary player on a TEAM USA against his primary team. However, the NABA cannot guarantee that such a conflict may arise. Since the TEAM USA games will be played at the 3:00 PM time slot, we are hopeful it will eliminate most of the conflicts in allowing you to make it to your TEAM USA game.
No secondary players will receive a second uniform or matching cap for the TEAM USA they will be playing for. You will use your primary team's uniform and cap so it is obvious that you are a secondary player playing in the game. In addition, playing in a second game incurs costs for fields, umpires, and baseballs so there is an add-on cost for being a secondary player. Each secondary player must pay an additional $50 in order to be assigned to a TEAM USA organization.