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Barry Spiller - Billy Cocchia Integrity Award Winner 2019

By NABA, 11/11/19, 11:45AM MST


Barry Spiller - 2019 Billy Cocchia Integrity Award Winner


Diane Spiller (Barry's Wife) passed away this past year after a long courageous battle with cancer.  The NABA was proud to have Diane Spiller as a part of our NABA family for over 20 years.  Diane was a great supporter and friend to the NABA in Sacramento and our National Office.  She loved coming down to our World Series every year with her soul mate Barry. Even while battling her illness in October of 2016 Diane came down to our World Series. Diane was gracious, kind, caring and considerate of everyone and we will miss her greatly.  She battled her illness with grace and courage. And I know this…any husband would be lucky to have a wife like Diane who was supportive and loved being a part of her husbands baseball world.

In honor of Diane Spiller, the NABA named the 60 Wood and 65 Wood Divisions in the 2019 NABA World Series after Diane Spiller. 

There is no person more fitting to receive the Billy Cocchia Integrity Award this year than Barry Spiller. 

Those of us who knew Billy Cocchia know he was a great friend to the Adult Baseball Community and to the NABA.  Yet something of much greater value was Billy’s character and integrity, his courage and his strength, as he loved and respected so many people, and they loved and respected him back.

We certainly do not know all that Barry has had to endure over the past few years, but we do know that like Billy Cocchia, we know that Barry dealt with the situation given to him with character, integrity, courage and strength. Barry keeps both Diane’s and Billy's memory alive by personifying courage, strength, character and integrity both on and off the field each and every day!

Congratulations to Barry Spiller on being named this years Billy Cocchia Integrity award winner!