National Adult Baseball Association

Refunds, Schedule Requests, Awards, & Discount Policies

Adverse Weather

The National Adult Baseball Association baseball tournaments may be played in adverse weather conditions.  The NABA reserves the right to change the format of the tournament to lesser time limits, fewer innings, or reduce the playoff format in whatever means possible to complete the tournament. If after a weather delay it is determine by those outside of the NABA that we are unable to play due to weather, then the championship will be determined by the highest seeded team after pool play; or the highest seeded team remaining in the playoffs. NABA coaches, managers and players accept these conditions when entering the tournament.

Refund Policy for Adverse Weather

There will be a $100.00 administration fee charged for complete rain out of the tournament; if one (1) game is played = 50% of entry fee will be refunded; if 2 or more games are played = no refund.

Refund Policy Prior to Tournament

No refund will be given if the tournament bracket or schedule has been sent to the Stadium Coordinators. If the schedule has not been sent to the Stadium Coordinators and you call 15 business days before the tournament start date a full refund will be given minus the deposit.  If the schedule has not been sent to the Stadium Coordinators and you call 8 to 14 business days before the tournament start date, 50 percent of your fee will be returned minus the deposit; and if you call 7 or fewer business days before the tournament start date, no refund will be given.

Deleted Divisions Refund and Transfer of Balances

The NABA reserves the right to add, delete, merge or create divisions or divisional formats based on the number of teams entered at anytime before the tournament, and will give every effort to give teams advance notice, however NABA may not be able to do so.  If a team planned to enter a deleted division, that team may play in another division or receive a refund minus your deposit, or transfer the balance to another NABA National or World Championship Tournament, provided it is at least 5 days prior to check-in. 

Special Start Requests & Schedule Release

Before entering a National Adult Baseball Association tournament, make sure your team has no other conflicts on listed tournament dates. NABA can not accommodate any special game time requests! Teams need to be prepared to play at *8:00am* on the FIRST DAY of the tournament.  The NABA will release our schedule 7 days from the start of tournament for each division.  

Tournament Discounts

Tournament teams may use only one discount per tournament. NABA does not allow multiple discounts to be used for any one tournament, For example: you may use either the League Championship Award Program or the Tournament Credit Award Program for a tournament discount, but you may not use both at the same time.  As well, the tournament credit award program and the league championship award program cannot be used for a cash refund, nor can it be used or applied toward another team.  The team who won the award must be the team attending the tournament to use the credit, and cannot apply the credit toward another team in the tournament. 

Tournament Awards

All tournaments awards must be submitted by the end of the calendar year for each tournament.  If the awards sheet is not turned in by the end of the calendar year, NABA will give a credit to the team toward the same tournament the following year.  The credit will be determined by the cost of the award and the number of players on the roster.

Furthermore, any team receiving awards for a tournament will receive the number of awards based upon the value of the award and the amount the team paid to enter the tournament.  If the awards cost more than the amount paid to enter the tournament, then the team will be responsible for additional awards above their entry fee price.  

Booth Space, Product Sales, Pictures, DVD’s, & Movie Rights

NABA reserves the right to allow individuals and or a company to purchase booth space or the rights to sell product, take pictures, make DVD’s and or movies of any NABA sanctioned event.  No individual, and or company has the right to setup booth space to sell product, take pictures to sell, make DVD’s to sell, or make movies to sell to the public at an National Adult Baseball Association Inc. sanctioned event without the written consent of the National Adult Baseball Association, Inc.   Should any individual or company take any pictures, make any DVD’s or make any movies of an National Adult Baseball Association sanctioned event without the written consent of NABA; they agree the NABA, Inc. has “Unlimited rights” and “Electronic rights” to the outright transfer of their copyright to reproduce the photographs, DVD’s or movies to our members, our publications and our web site.

(Update 1/16)