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Do you have the desire to play in a NABA National or World Championship Tournament, but do not have a team? Then sign up below to be placed on one of two National Tournament Pool Player lists. Please read to determine on which list you would like to be placed.


Emergency tournament pool players HAVE NOT PAID and are not guaranteed placement for their tournament of choice. Instead, players on this list will be placed only after players on the Registered Paid Players List have been placed on teams, meaning information on Emergency pool players will be provided to tournament managers only if no Registered players remain. Also, the names of the players on this list will have to make payment to the manager of the team who decides to pick them up for the tournament.

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Registered tournament pool players are guaranteed placement for the tournament for which they sign up. When tournament managers contact the NABA National Office with pool player needs, players from this list will be placed first. Players on this list also will have their names and positions posted on the tournament web site for managers to see. To be placed on this list, players must pay the $100 tournament fee ($175 for World Series Events) at the time of registration. Players may pay online using a credit card, or may call the National Office at (800) 621-6479 to make a payment.

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MANAGERS: You can view the list of Registered players who are available for each tournament by clicking on the dedicated page for that tournament.

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I acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions for which payment is being made to the National Adult Baseball Association; and, furthermore acknowledge and agree to the policies, rules and procedures of the National Adult Baseball Association

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Make sure you understand the eligibility rules for the division you register for!

18 Open Wood 18 Minor Wood 18 Rookie Wood
18 Minor Aluminum 18 Rookie Aluminum 25 Open Wood
25 Rookie Wood 35 Open Wood 35 Rookie Wood
35 Aluminum 45 Open Wood 45 Rookie Wood
45 Aluminum 50 Open Wood 50 Rookie Wood
58 Wood 65 Wood Father/Son
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