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2017 Phoenix World Series Championship

Schedules & Standings


PLEASE NOTE: NABA reserves the right to change game time and facility for any game and for all playoff and championship games due to weather, and/or to help those club organizations with more than one team participating in different divisions.  


Schedules are tentative and are subject to change. Continue to look back for updates. If we update the schedule we will place a time and date when it occured.


18 Open Wood 

18 Rookie Wood

18 Rookie Aluminum

25 Open Wood - Revisions Made (9/28/17 at 10:15PM)

25 Rookie Wood - Revisions Made (9/28/17 at 10:15PM)

35 Open Wood 

35 Rookie Wood

Father/Son Wood 

45 Wood 

50 Open Wood

50 Rookie Wood

58 Wood 

65 Wood