Payment for Over 50/60 National Fun Tournament

2017 Over 50/60 National Fun Tournament

Team Fee:  $3,840.00 (If manager registers from May through June of 2017)
Team Fee:  $4,160.00 (If manager registers team from July through August 2017)
Team Fee:  $4,480.00 (If manager registers team from September through October, 2017)
All teams entering the Over 50/60 National Championship must use the team entry fee!
1. Each team must have their own uniforms and caps for tournament play.
2. Team entry fee is for up to 18 players per team.
3. If a team needs NABA to place an individual player to their team roster, the individual players fee will not be part of the team fee.
4. If NABA needs to place an individual player on a team roster, and the team agrees to take a player NABA needs to place;  the individual players fee will be added to the team fee.
5. Managers of the team are allowed to take a $150.00 discount from the team fee for organizing and managing the team.
6. Managers can divide the entry fee amongst the number of team members attending and have them pay individually online, by mail or over the phone.
7. Payment for players playing on team organizations with two teams: 1) Player playing on both teams must designate one team as a primary team and pay their full fee; 2) They must then be designated as a secondary player on the second team and must pay a $50 secondary player fee, which must be paid upon payment.
Player Fee: $345.00 (If payment is received May through June of 2017)
Player Fee: $395.00 (If payment is received July through August of 2017)
Player Fee: $445.00 (If payment is received in September through October, 2017)
The individual fee is for players who do not have a team and need to be place on an existing team or Team USA.
1. The individual player price does not include a uniform top or cap.
2. Each individual player after being assigned to a team will be responsible to get their own uniform and cap.  If a team or individual player needs help from NABA in getting a uniform there will be an additional fee paid to the NABA to assist that team or player.
2. When an individual player is placed on an existing team, they will be responsible to acquire both a uniform top and cap for that team; unless the team has additional uniforms and caps for the player.  If a team or individual needs NABA's help in getting a uniform top and cap there will be an additional of $20 for the uniform top and $15 for a cap to the NABA.
3. If a team needs uniform tops or caps, they must contact the NABA 4 weeks prior to the tournament so NABA can order the uniforma and caps and receive payment.
4. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO individual uniform fee discount for having your own uniform.


All tournament fees, whether on the team fee or individual fee do not include a uniform or cap. Teams and individual players are responsible to acquire their own uniform top and cap. 

48 & Over Wood 58 & Over Wood  
* Team Fee $3840 - May - June * Team Fee $4160 - July - Aug * Team Fee $4480 - Sept - Oct * Managers may deduct $150 from the total for being the manager * If a player plays on a secondary team they must pay an additional $50.
* Individual fee $345 - May - June * Individual fee $395 - July - Aug * Individual fee $445 - Sept - Oct * If you are playing on a secondary team, add $50 for playing on a secondary team

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