OBLIGATIONS for Hosting a NABA Tournament

NABA eligibility rules, tournament rules and tiebreaker rules will be used as the basic rules.
All teams must complete a registration and a team roster online at
Host Tournament Director must report the results of all games to the NABA National Office each day so they can be entered on the NABA National website.
Tournament Director must complete:
A tournament agreement/request host information sheet
NABA liability insurance certificate for each field used
Must sign and send to NABA the obligations for hosting an NABA tournament agreement.
Must complete a tournament post event checklist.
Agree to forward to NABA National Office a $150 sanctioning fee for every NABA team that plays in the tournament.  Have all materials and sanctioning fees post marked and sent to the NABA Office or paid online within 72 hours. 
Agree to utilize the NABA logo baseball at a reduced fee of $50 per dozen.
Keep on file and submit a liability insurance certificate to each field location.
Any special rules for the tournament need to be in writing and discuss with the NABA National Office.
NABA reserves the right to cancel the sanctioning of any event at any time.

I have read and agree to meet all obligations listed above for hosting an NABA tournament.  We fully understand that we are to set the highest standards in hosting the events.  If all forms and fee are not forwarded to the National Office in the time allowed, all berths and certificates will be forfeited.


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Host Representative                                              Date

(make copies as needed)

Fax or mail to:  NABA National Office, 5944 S. Kipling Pkwy, Ste. 200, Littleton, Colorado 80127