Dear NABA League Presidents and Team Managers;

Part of the NABA's vision is to provide our player-members with a value and benefit for participating in the NABA.

The NABA has over the years offered many benefits to our league presidents, managers and players for participating in the NABA. We are always looking for ways to determine how to make our product a better value to our members. Over the years as adult baseball has become a mainstream product in our culture, the NABA has invited independent teams to join our tournaments in order to increase the level of competition and numbers in our tournaments for our NABA teams. Over the years we have delivered many discounted certificates to our NABA leagues to motivate our teams to attend tournaments and to reward our teams for being an NABA affiliated team.

The NABA wants to continue to reward our NABA affiliated League Presidents, managers and teams for being a part of the NABA. That is why the NABA started the NABA LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD PROGRAM. Here is how it works:


The NABA will offer every league president across the nation who is affiliated with the NABA an award for each team league champion within your league. The award is based on:
1. Giving our teams and players an advantage for being an NABA affiliated team and player; and by giving our League Champions an incentive and discount to participate in our World Series.
2. Giving our league president's an advantage for being an NABA affiliated league, and giving them another strategic advantage or benefit to offer teams to come into their league.
3. Giving the NABA national office another benefit to offer to only our NABA affiliated leagues and teams; and the opportunity to improve attendance at our World Series tournaments.

Each League President across the country will be able to award each league champion in their league with a $500.00 gift certificate to the NABA Phoenix World Series or the NABA Florida World Series every year. This program is for League Champions only, and not for Division Winners.

Each League President can immediately start advertising to all its teams and potential teams the opportunity for a certificate to the NABA World Series for winning the league. The cost to attend the NABA World Series is $175 per player. The average team size for a World Series roster is 13 players. This would reduce the cost for each player by $38.00 for a league champion making the cost $137.00 per player for a team with 13 players. This is a great opportunity for our NABA teams and players to reduce the costs to come to our World Series. In fact, since the NABA World Series in 1995, the cost per player was $150.00, thus giving players costs today that which are below the rates from over 17 years ago.

1. Each League President must have verifiable proof of each team being a league champion, and must submit their league champions' to the National Office by the Tuesday after Labor Day in September.
2. If a league champion will not be determined until after Labor Day, then the League President must submit their League Champion the day after they have won the league.
3. An NABA league champion team must advise the NABA National Office of their intent to use the League Championship discount when entering the tournament and making a deposit and NOT at check-on of the tournament.
4. The league championship team must have a minimum of 8 players from the current league roster to qualify for the discount.
5. The league championship team must have their league roster on the NABA registration system in order to qualify for the discount and for NABA to verify their roster. Any league champion not on the NABA registration system, is ineligible to utilize the discount.
6. The discount is valid for the current year's Phoenix and Florida World Series. It will not be transferrable to any other tournament or team and will not carry over to the following year. It must be used in the year they have won the league championship.
7. No team will be allowed to utilize the discount without informing the NABA two weeks prior to attending the tournament check-in.



Our goal is to give our teams an advantage for being an NABA affiliated team, and the opportunity to reduce their costs per player to the World Series. Our goal is give our League President's another benefit as to why teams may choose to participate in their league versus another league. Finally, our goal is to improve the attendance of our NABA World Series with NABA teams and make them viably strong for future tournaments.

Your participation in this program will only go as far as your enthusiasm for it, and your enthusiasm to promote it to your teams, and by those potential teams playing in your league. If you have any questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office.

Please note: The certificate can only be used for a complete team. No individual players or partial teams are allowed to use the certificate. Certificates are non-transferable to other teams and cannot be redeemed for cash. By using the certificate, the team using it agrees it must stay at one of the NABA host hotels. NABA reserves the right to refuse any team permission to utilize a certificate or participate in an NABA Sanctioned Tournament. The certificate can not be used for a deposit into the tournament.

League Championship Reward Program
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