• A person must be nominated. Anyone can nominate a player or person for the NABA Hall of Fame. (We can get anywhere between 5 to 10 nominations a year)
  • Nominations are evaluated and voted on to be placed on the actual ballot.
  • A nomination must meet the following criteria:
    • Must be a member of the NABA for 5 consecutive years.
    • Must have had an impact both at the local and national level.
    • Must be involved as a volunteer within the community.
    • Must support and be committed to the NABA principles & philosophies.
  • The committee looks at the their achievements and accomplishments within the NABA and within the community.
    • After meeting the criteria you must have 100% of the hall of fame committees yes vote to be placed on the ballot
    • We only accept one to five nominations per year to be placed on the hall of fame ballot
    • Once accepted on the hall of fame ballot, nominee has 5 years to be voted into the hall of fame before being removed from the ballot
  • The hall of fame committee consists of:
    • 5 Board Members of the NABA
    • 3 Officers of the NABA
    • 2 NABA Founding Members; for a total of 10 voting members, and
    • 1 NABA National Office Director
  • You must have 8 of the 10 hall of fame committees yes votes to be accepted in the NABA Hall of Fame, otherwise you stay on the ballot for next year’s vote.