The NABA Billy Cocchia Integrity Award

Billy Cocchia

Billy Cocchia

When I think of Billy, I can’t tell you how many rings he has won, and I can’t tell you how many hits he has!  I know that he has won a lot of rings and I know he is one of the best hitters I have ever seen.  He is truly an accomplished baseball player.  But, what I do know about Billy is even with all of the success he has had on the field he is a very humble and respected man.  I know that Billy plays for the love of the game.  I know that every team wants Billy to be on his team.  And, I know that Billy has a ton of friends, and is respected and loved by many people both in and out of the baseball community.  To me, that is a much greater accomplishment than all the rings and hits a man can earn.  It is fitting that the NABA’s first ever “Integrity Award” winner will bear his name, and the NABA Integrity Award will forever be known as the NABA “Billy Cocchia Integrity Award” for all future award members.

We honor Billy with the first annual “Billy Cocchia Integrity Award”


Shane Fugita, President

National Adult Baseball Association 

October 14, 2014